Alumni Stories

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Alumni Stories

While a relatively young university, HIEU and its alumni have made a tremendous impact on many fronts. Their success reflects HIEU’s model of hands-on involvement, esprit de corps and entrepreneurship. Outstanding HIEU alumni include:

Zhu Zenghui, Department of Computer Science, graduated in 2005 - Zhu founded the Feiniao Studio with his schoolmates to earn money for his tuition fees. At the age of 19 he founded Changsha Meiyi Planning & Design Co., Ltd. After a temporary setback in his business, he went to Shenzhen to join an advertising agency as a salesman. In 2006, he re-established Meiyi, which then rapidly developed into an industrial leader in Changsha with a high turnover. The same year he established the Changsha Qixiang Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., which clinched one-third of the market share in the Hunan Province in 2011 and led the province in trademark applications just four years after its establishment. Zhu has been awarded numerous honors, such as being among the "Top 10 College Students Starting New Businesses" and being nominated "Top 30 Most Influential Young Persons in Hunan in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up." Today he serves as the President of the HIEU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club.

Zheng Qiping, School of Law, graduated in 2011 - During his studies at HIEU, over a period of two years Zheng obtained a number of valuable certificates, including Human Resource Management Division, National Computer Rank Examination Rank II, CET 4, OA Software Engineer, China Project Management Professional and others. Additionally, he passed the National Judicial Examination after two months’ of hard study. In the National Civil Service Examination of 2011 he obtained an excellent score in the Administrative Professional Competency Test and the essay-writing test, achieving 100.6 points. He also passed the interview for the civil servant recruitment of the Guangzhou Customs District with the highest score of 82.3, putting him first in ranking for this post. He now serves as a national civil servant in the Anti-smuggling Bureau, Guangzhou Customs District.

Zhi Cheng, College of Foreign Languages, graduated in 2010 - Zhi, who is from a rural family in Yongzhou, Hunan, worked in Shenzhen to pay for his tuition fees after graduating from junior middle school. Upon completing his studies at HIEU, he gained employment in the United States, winning praise from customers for his professionalism and high level of service. Upon returning to China, he joined E-Mould Plastic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., where he was promoted to a senior position and sent to Germany to expand the market there. Today he is a senior executive in a foreign company, fluent in two foreign languages and armed with local and international business experience.