A Thriving Community

HIEU’s sprawling campus welcomes a diverse community of students from around the world, and no effort is spared to help create a thriving community backed by long-term student support to bring out the leader in every student.

Academic methodologies combined with a vibrant array of extra-curricular activities helps ensure that every day is a memorable one at HIEU. Any student of HIEU, whether past or present, can immediately and without hesitation name the four festivals of HIEU: the Festival for freshmen, the Festival of Workplace Culture, the Arts Festival of Campus Life and the Festival of Academic Culture.

The fifty-eight student groups — which include the English Club, SFYOU Association, E-Sports Community, Paint Mud Association, Jifeng Dance Association, Administrators Association, Psychological Association, Entrepreneurs Association and Hunan-Style Literary Society – cover 18,000 HIEU students and bring students new excitement every day.

The HIEU Cultural Forum provides inspiring speeches by renowned scholars, business leaders and successful individuals for the benefit of the student body. In 2012, the "Youth Leadership" lecture series saw Mark Hu (Asia-Pacific region CEO of Whirlpool), Dr. Daniel. B. Wright (former Managing Director for China and the Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) at the U.S. Treasury Department), Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini (founder of Wall Street English), Dr. Yuan Yue (founder and CEO of Horizon Group) as well as political and economic leaders, sharing their life experiences with the students.

The James McGuire Business Plan Competition at HIEU, which has been held successfully for two years, gives students the opportunity to apply, in practical terms, the business knowledge they have acquired in class. The award-winning teams can travel to Shanghai or other cities to visit famous domestic or foreign enterprises, participate in the global finals in the United States, and obtain support from HIEU in all aspects of their business startups.

HIEU has received many distinguished guests both from home and abroad. Spanish consul in Economy and Business, former US Congressmen, US Congress staff, professors and presidents from US, Asian, South American and UK universities have made visits to HIEU. Every visitor has been impressed by HIEU’s students’ openness, candor and passion of “going global”.