Awards for HIEU & Faculties

“China Private Universities Ranking”, one of the foremost ranking systems in higher education in China, placed HIEU in the 2nd spot for three consecutive years - 2010, 2011 and 2012. HIEU has the additional distinction of being the only university to have been on the top 3 list for 8 consecutive years.

HIEU was also recognized as a “5-star Private University in Mainland China and 3 Regions” by the China University Alumni Association and an “Outstanding Private University in Mainland China and 3 Regions”.

In 2011, HIEU was named “Excellent Private Higher Education Institution” in the Outstanding Universities and Individuals from National Private Higher Education award ceremony hosted by the Higher Education Professional Committee of China’s Non-Government Education Association, a national non-profit social organization approved by the State Council, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Zhou Yufang from the Business School, Cao Xia, Zhong Lingli from the School of Foreign Languages and the Ding Ning from School of Information Technology and Engineering won first and second place in the 2012 Classroom Teaching Competition in Higher Education in Hunan.

Wu Jiangong from the Business School and Chen Zhen from the School of Electrical & Information Engineering were among 64 teachers to receive the “2011 Hunan Higher Education Teaching Dedication” award given out by the Hunan Provincial Department of Education.

Fei Zhenhua was a recipient of the "2010 Ten Excellent Secretaries in Hunan Province" award.
Three teachers from the Business School won the top and second prizes in the 2010 Teaching Contest among national business schools hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. 10,924 contestants from 84 colleges and universities participated in this annual competition.

Liu Jing won the 1st prize in the “Advanced Mathematics” category and Guo Yuhong won the 2nd prize in the “Computer Basics” category in the 2011 Classroom Teaching Contest for universities in Hunan.

Professor Chen Xiangjie’s painting “Twilight” was presented at the Ninth National Watercolor Painting Exhibition organized by Chinese Artists Association and Ningbo Municipal Government. This painting, the only one from Hunan Province, also won the “Excellent Artwork” award.


A student team won the top prize for Hunan Division in both 2010 and 2011 National University E-commerce Innovation, Creation and Entrepreneurship Challenge contests hosted by the E-business Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education. 2011’s team presented the planning and design of the first Witkey platform. Some 8,800 university teams participated in this competition nationwide over the last 2 years.

Students from various schools submitted eight business plans and won one 1st level award, one 2nd level award and three 3rd level awards in the “Challenge Cup” National University Students Business Plan Competition in Hunan Province.

HIEU students won the top 3 prizes, beating over 40 other participating teams in the Hunan Division of the 3rd 2011 Hunan National Electronic Professional Design and Skills Competition hosted by the Talents Exchange Center of the Industry and Information Department.
Four teams from School of Electrical & Information Engineering won two 3rd prizes and one excellent prize in a competition that attracted 279 participating teams from 40 universities in the 2011 Hunan Division of National University Electronic Design Competition, jointly hosted by the Higher Education Division of Department of Education and Human Resources Division of the Ministry of Information Industry.

The School of Foreign Language successfully hosted the 2010 Hunan 16th University-level English Speech Contest. The HIEU team of 3 students won the 1st prize for English major group and group work and the third group prize for 2010 Hunan Japanese Speech Contest for Universities.

The dance team from School of Sports won the top group prize for “Latin”, “Ballroom Dance”, “Ballroom All-around Dance” and produced 13 individual champions in the 1st Championship of Hunan University-level Dance Sports hosted by the Hunan Student Association of Sports.

HIEU’s golf team, representing China, won the 4th prize for women’s category and 5th prize for men’s category in the 2011 1st Asian University Golf Tournament organized by the Asian Federation of Students and hosted by Sea Pins Golf Course in Thailand.

HIEU’s Sunny Star Cheerleading Team achieved one gold and two silver medals among over 90 participating teams in the 2011 Changsha Stop of National Cheerleading League Competition hosted by the Sports Management Center of National Sports Administration.

Student Tian Li was awarded the 14th May 4th Youth Medal, the highest award by the Chinese Communist Youth League. Although from a poor family, she has supported other people in need with money earned from a part-time job since junior high school. While studying at HIEU, she not only collected money to help poor children, but also set up a public welfare group with her schoolmates devoted to mental healthcare and financial aid. Tian Li is known as "angel sister” by the children.

Zeng Zheng won the 1st prize in the “2010 China University BMW ‘Joy’ Creative Contest” and was one of three students nationwide to go on a study tour of Germany’s BMW headquarters.