Housing & Dining

In the picturesque campus of 1.13 million square meters set amid hills, rivers and lakes, one can find a complete range of facilities, including those for sports, such as golf driving range, large multifunctional stadium that accommodates 5,000 spectators, standard rubberized track fields, swimming pools, basketball courts,130 multimedia classrooms, 50 student apartments that can accommodate more than 30,000 students and 11 canteens to provide students with all kinds of food and drinks that fully take into consideration the tastes of ethnic minorities. In addition, there are many restaurants and local snack shops around HIEU, offering delicious food at reasonable prices.

The Gbps campus network introduces multimedia into the student dormitories, facilitating their connection to the world via individual computers. In 2010 the university invested 70 million RMB to upgrade its hardware and software. Hot water is supplied 24 hours every day in the student dormitories, and budget hotels are available in the nearby business district for visiting parents and friends.

The Student Services Center, a one-stop center integrating functions such as financial management, educational administration and logistics, provides a friendly approach for students to deal with all related affairs.

Student satisfaction has become a top priority at HIEU. The year 2011 was evaluated as the "Year of Construction with High-level Student Satisfaction”.

In 2012, a program named "Lunch with the President" was launched so that students will have a chance to discuss issues (even those might be considered trivial) concerning HIEU’s development with the president during lunch.

HIEU provides each class with an instructor and an academic mentor who offer guidance and assistance on living, study and career planning. There is also a mental-health counseling center, including the nationally famous "Aunt Lei’s Happy House".