Harvard Radcliffe Pitches Performed at HIEU

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A capella – the style of singing without musical instruments – made its way to Hunan International Economics University (HIEU) recently when Harvard University’s oldest a capella singing troupe performed at the University. The Harvard Radcliffe Pitches was founded in 1975 at the historic Hasty Pudding Club and consists of up of 12 to 14 undergraduate students from Harvard University who are united in their passion for singing. This special performance was among the many events organized by HIEU in an effort to boost relations between Chinese and US students.

Some 3,500 students enjoyed the special joint performance by Harvard Radcliffe Pitches and HIEU’s top singers at the school stadium. The powerful voices of the US performers enthralled the students. After several English songs, they surprised the audience with a heartfelt rendition of a famous Chinese song “Jasmine”, which they had painstakingly rehearsed before heading to China. “This is our first visit to Changsha and everyone is excited to perform at the HIEU campus,” said Emily Lu, the President of the Harvard Radcliffe Pitches, “music is a really powerful unifier that transcends all borders and we felt the great appreciation and enthusiasm for our music. This is a truly memorable and unforgettable experience for the whole group.”

Sharing the stage with the Harvard Radcliffe Pitches were 10 singers from HIEU who had pitched their vocal abilities in a competition – “The Best Voice of HIEU” which had attracted over 1000 candidates. After their respective individual performances, the 10 singers from HIEU were ranked by their peers from the US.

Music – which is universal and borderless, is a great unifier and strong platform to promote cultural understanding. Interestingly, none of the Chinese and US performers are majoring in music or similar programs. Instead, they are all pursuing professional programs such as business, engineering, sociology and history among others. However, the common love and passion for music was the bridge linking the students from both countries.

HIEU is committed to broadening the horizons and perspectives of its students through such initiatives and by leveraging on the global platform of the Laureate International Universities network the university is able to provide immense opportunities to its students.

In addition to regularly bringing academic and business leaders to campus, the school organized a joint concert to create an artistic platform where students from two countries were able to share their common love of music. “It is a great opportunity to experience a live music show by such talented performers,” said one student from HIEU Music School, “We are not only studying in classroom, but also experiencing different types of world music through this initiative.”

Cross-cultural communication is a key focus of Laureate International Universities in an effort to provide students across the network with global perspectives and exposure.

Bringing together students with similar passion and interests, helps promote communication, forge new friendships and inspire students to seek new heights of growth.

HIEU students will be able to learn from talented and like-minded students from different communities and prepare themselves for life-long achievement in a diversified and multi-cultural world.

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