Speech in Hunan International Economics University by Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini, Fo

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Atthe invitation of Hunan International Economics University (HIEU), Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini, founder of Wall Street English, delivered one seminar lecture in the theme of “My Story – My Philosophy of Business and Life . Entrepreneurship . Leadership . Failure & Success”. Nearly 3000 students joined the seminar lectured by Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini, who acted as the third guest of honor in the Leadership Series of HIEU.

The Leadership Series is a new initiative by Hunan International Economics University aiming to enhance personal development and professionalism in the global employment context for students. The series is held on a monthly basis and brings one of the Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Managing Directors of multinational companies and non-profit organizations into the classroom to ensure greater adaptability and versatility, sharing first-hand knowledge and experiences with students. Mark Hu, the former CEO of Laureate China, the former CEO of Whirlpool Asia Pacific and CEO of SC Johnson China, and DanDaniel B. Wright, founder, President, and CEO of GreenPoint Group, also Senior Vice President and China practice head of the Albright Stonebridge Group, have already shared their wisdoms of leadership with the students. Since HIEU became part of the Laureate International Universities network in 2001, “internationalization” has been one of the main themes of its development. Laureate provides an excellent international platform and numerous learning resources to 28,000 students at HIEU.

Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini, as the founder of Wall Street English (International) and Wall Street English (China), is the pioneer in English language training for adults, and his original “MultimethodTM” is acknowledged to the most advanced and efficient one in the world. Since its inception in 1972, WSE has dramatically changed the habit that non-native English speakers study the language. Wall Street English operates over 450 centers in 27 countries and regions worldwide, and has help 2 million students to improve their English. Wall Street English is the legend in language training.

At present, Wall Street Institute International and Wall Street English (China) are subsidiaries wholly owned by Pearson-Longman. Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini, as the honorary president devotes himself to various inspiring speeches. In January, 2005, Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini founded the Series of Campus Seminars named “Q. Master – Quality of Occupation and Life”, and has held seminars with a variety of topics aiming at the development of individual and occupation. Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini’s series of campus seminars began from November 10th, 2010, which won a success in Beijing Language and Culture University, Peking University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Nankai University, Sun Yat-Sen University, Shenzhen University, Shanghai International Studies University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Thousands of college students are benefit from the campus seminars. As a passionate speaker, activist, and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini has shared his rich experience with a variety of audiences during his seminars.

Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini shared his entrepreneurial process, and talked about the past and the future in the theme of “My Story – My Philosophy of Business and Life  Entrepreneurship  Leadership  Failure & Success” at the seminar in HIEU. Then, student representatives from 12 different faculties raised their questions to discus more about Peccenini’s spirit of leadership. Pecce told the students to never give up their dreams, to learn from failures and be brave to challenge themselves. “I’ve always considered my failures as stepping-stones on the road to success. So one of my topic today is ‘Failure & Success’, not ‘Success & Failure’, I never blamed others, but always improve myself through self-reflection.” ”I was not born to be a businessman, but it is my destiny. When you are developing your own career, be patient and passionate, even if you face some difficulties, then you may make a success.”

Besides the speech, Pecce shared more with the students of HIEU.

Pecce, on behalf of Wall Street English China, donated WSE courses to 12 HIEU students from each department of the university. Although there isn’t any WSE center in Changsha, the winner could take one level of the free course at any WSE center in China. This precious gift, opens a door for the students to the world and wishing them well in their future endeavours.

Another surprise from Pecce is “A free trip to Rome”! This special gift for HIEU only, giving HIEU students an experience that will truly broaden and deepen their life experience. Everybody in the seminar appreciated for Pecce’s generosity.

Mr. Li Zhao, Executive Vice President of HIEU, awarded Dr Luigi T. Peccenini, founder of Wall Street English, an honorary professorship during the seminar. Pecce gave a couple of small seminars to more than 60 HIEU high-end managements and nearly 20 elites of HIEU students.

Mr. Li Zhao testified to the strength of Dr. Luigi T. Peccenini’s philosophy: “As a successful entrepreneur, Pecce has overcome innumerable challenges, while he becomes much stronger; as an educationist, Pecce has helped countless people to realize their dream. Wall Street English not only is a legend in education circle, but also a legend in business circle. Pecce is worthy of a life mentor!”

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