Hunan International Economics University Recognized as Best Private University i

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   Hunan International Economics University (HIEU) has been recognized as the top private university in China by the China University Alumni Association (CUAA) in its 2014 publication of the "China University Evaluation Report”. The recognition is based on the university’s commitment to quality and strong graduate outcomes.

A team of independent academic leaders and the media worked collectively to rank universities in China based on three key areas – student talent development, campus facilities, and comprehensive reputation. This assessment is based on 26 indicators including graduate employability, student enrollment quality, number of students recognized in national competitions, faculty publications, teacher to student ratio, total fixed assets, library collections, and alumni endowment. Peking University emerged top among the public universities while HIEU was ranked as the overall best private university in China.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized as the best private university in China, as this is testament to our continuous efforts to raise the bar in education through academic innovation, quality and talent development which is measured through graduate outcomes,” said Zhang Fang Ping, President, Hunan International Economics University.

“This accolade is the result of our student-centered philosophy and the continuous efforts to deliver the best possible education and mentoring to our students to help them succeed academically and thrive in their chosen careers. When students succeed, countries prosper and societies benefit. This is part of the university’s DNA and we are very proud to be recognized for our efforts.”

HIEU has focused on academic innovation and raising the bar in education excellence through systematically implementing Target Oriented Curriculum and Problem-Based Learning. It also works closely with the industry by bringing Chinese and international industry experts, business and community leaders, and government officials to its campus through various platforms and initiatives such as the Youth Leadership Series, guest lectures and by integrating industry placements and internships into the curriculum. The university has stringent processes to manage and measure the outcomes. As a result of these initiatives, HIEU students are recognized for their hands-on skills and leadership qualities, have won many global, national and provincial awards, and also achieved a high graduate employment rate and employment satisfaction rate.

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