Hunan International Economics University has ranked top three in China’s priva

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Hunan International Economics University (HIEU) is ranked 2nd among China's private universities by China University Alumni Association (CUAA) in its official release of "2013 China University Evaluation Report". This is the ninth year for HIEU to be ranked in the top 3 positions by this influential university ranking in China.

Since 2003, CUAA has been in cooperation with a team of academic leaders and media on evaluating universities in China and together they developed a comprehensive independent ranking index system. As their 2013 report suggested, their core ranking philosophy emphasizes on the universities' contribution to global civilization, national prosperity and social progress through academic and alumni achievements, rather than just the number of student, academic paper published and campus scale.

This ranking system is built on 26 performance indicators in three key pillars: talent cultivation, comprehensive reputation and campus facilities. Some talent cultivation indicators are "employment rate", "student entrepreneurships", "student award in national/provincial competitions", "teacher to student ratio", and "recognized academic excellences"; some comprehensive reputation indicators are "social reputation", "alumni endowment", and "local enrollment ratio"; and some campus facilities indicators are "total fixed assets", "library collections", "academic equipment", and "academic and research space per student".

"We are honored by this very unique continuous recognition," said Zhang FangPing, President, Hunan International Economics University, "The China higher education sector has changed and grown so much in the last 9 years and it was not easy to continuously earn the top reputation in providing academic excellence to our students and prepare them for the real-world challenges when they graduate. We believe that our efforts on career-focused education, internationalization and global view, and hands-on experiences really made the difference."

Hunan International Economics University, founded in 1997 and accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education, is one of the largest and most reputable private universities in China. It provides 34 bachelor and 14 diploma programs to over 27,000 students with a strong focus on student-centric academic innovation and career-ready education. Some of the top rated degrees include commerce, business management, foreign languages, computer science, electronic engineering, music, and art and design. In 2009 HIEU joined the global network of the Laureate International Universities and has been leveraging its global resources to provide international perspectives and prepare its students to achieve and succeed in the global marketplace.

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