Program Name: Communication Engineering

Program Name:   Communication Engineering 
                                (4-year Bachelor Degree)
Program Description:
The Communication Engineering offers courses in digital communication technology, computer network communication, and digital signal processing, in which students can master the general knowledge and theory of electric circuit analysis, signals and systems and advanced computer programming, and be aware of the operating principle and the basic components of typical digital communication systems and equipment, and be able to analyze the communication equipment performance. 
Students are expected to understand how the majors in communication engineering are related and they are encouraged to know the latest trends of the discipline, and they are expected to do the primary scientific research in this field with fluent oral Chinese and English and good bilingual wiring ability. Student can engage in design, manufacturing, operation and research jobs in enterprises and administrative institutions. They can also be employed to do the operation, management, development, and maintenance of the computer network and the embedded system in different sectors of the national economy.
Core Subject Courses :