The School of Business is committed to developing international and innovative business professionals through its offering of key majors and subjects, a dedicated faculty, quality courses, outstanding teaching materials, an exemplary research department and first-class practice base. Currently, more than 8,000 students are enrolled in the School of Business.

The School is equipped with complete and advanced teaching facilities, including four panoramic simulation labs for international economics and trade, international finance, marketing and accounting practices, as well as two training centers and 21 off-campus practice bases.

62 professors and associate professors; 21 holders of doctorate degrees; 12 teachers who have been awarded the honors of "Provincial Teaching Expert," "Provincial Backbone Teacher" and "Lotus Star" and chosen as part of the "121 Talent Project"; and three teachers who have earned the first and second prizes in the National Teaching Competition for Business Colleges make up the strong faculty. Their outstanding achievements include having written 26 textbooks, presided over 16 teaching reform projects at the provincial and ministerial levels, and winning four awards for outstanding achievements in higher education at or above the provincial and ministerial levels. Additionally, the School has set up a provincial social science research base, published 25 academic monographs, taken charge of 68 research projects at or above the provincial and ministerial levels, and won six awards for outstanding achievements in social science research at or above the provincial and ministerial levels.

In 2010, the School of Business successfully held the annual "World Trade and China" international academic meeting, which attracted scholars from more than 70 prestigious international universities as well as 13 world-renowned academics.

High employment and competitiveness are characteristics of the School’s graduates. In the past four years, 29 students have been appointed for national service and 132 have been admitted to well-known universities at home and abroad, which, in total, accounted for 10.4% of the total number of graduates. Additionally, many students have been sent to Europe and the United States for internships and employment.

The average employment rate within 6 months of graduation has reached 98.7% (for graduates in the marketing major, the employment rate reached 100% for three consecutive years). Graduates from this school are mainly employed by multinational companies, foreign trade companies, export-oriented enterprises, foreign financial institutions and government agencies. Some are engaged in the import/export business, financial operations, accounting, international business management, financial management, marketing planning and management.