Chinese Language & Law

The faculty of the School of Chinese Language and Law includes 5 professors, 13 associate professors and 11 holders of doctorate degrees. By adhering to the talent-training mode laying equal stress on "elite" and "application," the School implements a tutorial system to provide students with close mentoring. In judicial and public security organs as well as law firms and legal affairs departments of enterprises in Changsha, the School has its stable off-campus practice and training bases. On campus, a number of practical teaching platforms, such as legal clinics and multifunctional moot courts, are provided.

"Chinese Language and Literature" emphasizes professional and personal growth along with language competence, to help ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills-set required for their career path.

"Chinese Language for Foreign Study" stresses education in both Chinese and English, and therefore it has a high postgraduate enrollment rate. This major uses the international education platform from Laureate International Universities to provide students with an opportunity to study abroad for a year.

The "Foreign-Related Business Secretary" offers a seven-semester program of oral English training. With good English communication skills coupled with business management skills, HIEU students will be interdisciplinary talents required to pursue careers in foreign-owned enterprises as well as foreign-related enterprises and institutions.

"Cultural Industrial Management" aims to cultivate creative talents for the creation, planning and operation of cultural industries. During the four years of "innovative education," the main purpose is to train students to stand above their competitors through superior cultural awareness and adaptability.

The curriculum of legal studies utilizes the skills of first-class domestic scholars, senior judges, senior prosecutors, senior attorneys and general corporation counsels as visiting professors and faculty advisers; the pass rate for the National Judicial Examination has been ranked the best among universities and colleges throughout China for years. Moreover, in the past two years 100% of graduates have been employed by state organs, law firms, enterprises and institutions or have continued with their postgraduate studies in universities of 985 and 211 projects.

The "English for Lawyers in Handling Foreign-Related Legal Affairs" major is a new offering at the School of Chinese Language and Law in association with the School of Foreign Languages. This is in response to the urgent need for foreign-related legal services by enterprises, which face the challenges of increased international trade disputes with the onset of increasing globalization and liberalization. Through this major, the School aims to develop interdisciplinary talents with skills in English and law who are capable of handling legal affairs for foreign-related enterprises, multinational corporations and international organizations.