Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering is dedicated to the development of senior applied and interdisciplinary engineering talents who are proficient in professional engineering and technical standards, policies and regulations. It equips these individuals with knowledge relevant to economic analysis, operational and modern management of product technologies, innovation, and know-how of product design, development, scientific research and production organization and management.

Five undergraduate majors are offered, including one provincial key discipline (Vehicle Engineering) as well as three research centers including one provincial engineering research center (Hunan Engineering Vehicle Chassis Manufacturing Engineering Research Center). Among the 36 full-time teachers there are 12 holders of doctorate degrees, 22 masters, 7 professors, 15 associate professors, and two experts with special allowance awarded by the State Council.

The School has a mechanical basic experiment teaching center, a CNC mold training and processing center, an automotive training center, an electrical and mechanical experimental center and the Hunan Machinery Undergraduate Talent Training Base, complemented by 20 specialized laboratories and training rooms comprising an area of more than 6,000 m2 and assets of more than 32 million yuan. The School has established 15 off-campus training bases through cooperation with the Alin Group, Zoomlion, Hunan Falcon Group, Kunshan Giant and other enterprises for the purpose of extending the school running mode in a combination of enterprises, universities and research institutes. The employment rate of graduates in the past years has exceeded 96%.

The "Hunan Machinery Undergraduate Talent Training Base" was established in 2010 with approval from the Department of Science and Technology of Hunan, and in 2011 the Education Department of Hunan designated the Vehicle Engineering Department as a key discipline in Hunan.