The School of Music, founded in 2000, is divided into the Department of Music and the Department of Dance. There are currently 1,684 students and 106 faculty and staff, including 89 full-time teachers (eight professors, 19 associate professors, 34 instructors and 28 teaching assistants) and 17 administrative, working and supporting staff at the school.

The Department of Music offers Musicology (at undergraduate level), Music Education and Music Performance (at the junior college level), which is divided into five major fields: vocal music, instrumental music, piano, pop music and arts management. The Department of Dance offers Dance (at the undergraduate level).

The School of Music has a separate integrated teaching building with 14 professional-quality classrooms, three dance rooms of more than 200 m2 each, over 160 piano rooms and a total of 180 pianos. Students enjoy many advanced teaching facilities, such as a concert hall that accommodates 600 people, a multimedia chorus room, multimedia appreciation classrooms, a computer music studio, a recording studio and a music library, as well as six practice bases.

To actively expand students’ artistic horizons and improve their artistic awareness, famous musicians from China and around the world are often invited to give lectures. In 2012, Franz Donner, the professor of vocal music and the chairman of the Academic Committee of the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna; and Jinhai Jiao, the renowned player, composer, theory research scholar of the Chinese zither and initiator of the "Jiao School of Zither," were been invited as lecturers.

The School attaches great importance to the improvement of students’ abilities and guidance for greater employment prospects. The majority of graduates enter professional theatrical troupes, mass art departments, and enterprises and institutions, undertaking jobs relating to news media, musical performances, culture propaganda, planning, and more. Some become educators to primary and secondary school students. The average employment rate within 6 months of graduation exceeds 96%.